Hole in Ozone over Antarctica Shrinks

Ozone Hole

The hole in the earth’s ozone, the protective layer which filters out harmful ultraviolet radiation, appears to be smaller this year, New Zealand scientists say. The scientists from the National … Read more

Making Ocean Life Count

Making Ocean Life Count

The sea holds more than 15,000 fish, more than 6,800 species of zooplankton, and microbes, the ocean’s smallest organisms, form a massive 90 percent of life in the ocean. If … Read more

Humans Designed By Jogging


The disparity for modern jogging could be started by New Zealand’s athletic coach Arthur Lydiard, but according to researchers, it was jogging two million years ago that helped us show … Read more

Blue Moon in Downunder Night Skies

moon orbiting the blue planet, 3d illustration

In August, the full moon will rise twice a single calendar month in New Zealand’snight skies, an astronomical phenomenon commonly known as a Blue Moon. According to Richard Hall from … Read more

Bugs in Soil Can Reveal Crime Secrets

Dock bug in decayed flower

A revolutionary new technique could soon be helping forensic scientists to resolve criminal investigations by analyzing the bugs in soil. A team of scientists at New Zealand’s government-owned Institute of … Read more

Why Sex is Good

Close up of microscope at the laboratory.

It is time-consuming, behaviourally and developmentally exhausting, and the genetic jumbling involved means that favourable combinations of genes are forever at risk of being broken up. On the face of … Read more