Jamaica is a beautiful island offering memorable and cherishing holiday for its visitors round the year. Visiting an island in the spring is the perfect break after a freezing cold climate. Tanning your skin by lying under the sun’s warmth on the white sand beaches is the best way to spare your days.

Nothing is more refreshing than taking a rest in the sun, sea and sand in Jamaica islands just away from the freezing cold. One the famous attraction destination is the Caribbean Jamaica. It occupies the largest English-speaking groups of the Caribbean region. Moreover, during the spring months, usually the first half of the year, the warm breeze across the mountain keep the temperature conditions much pleasant in the coastal areas.

Well, if you are hunting for holidaying in beaches, you will find plenty of Jamaica rentals available at cheap rates with their own extension of private beaches where you can refresh and relax under the sun without crowd hindrances. Some of the notable beaches encompassing the islands are Lime Cay, James Bond beach and Hellshire beach near the Kingston.

In the World Travel Market Awards ceremony held at London, the beach Montego Bay was awarded the leading beach destination in November 2010. The clean and clear Seven Miles Beach in Negril is also a famous beach for its exquisite scenic beauty.

Of course February is the month to spend in Jamaica not just for the pleasant weather, but you can have the pleasure of enjoying the Flat Tyre Festival at Negril. This enchanting town entertains with the Jamaica Beachfest, a celebration clubbed with Spring break of American college for six weeks. The beaches here become enthralling with great music to celebrate the legendary Bob Marley’s birthday on February 6th.

Tempting cheap rates at Jamaica rentals is offered for the families with guaranteed attractive services, refreshing spa treats and entertainment packages.

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