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If you are looking for a relaxing break from the bustle of everyday life, you should consider booking accommodation in Tahuna Nelson. Located near Moturakau Island, this charming seaside resort village is perfect for a family holiday. If you are lucky enough to book a room in one of the town’s hotels or two-beds, you will be close to some of the best surfing in the region. However, if you want a more personal, rustic experience, you can arrange to stay in a Moturakau beachfront unit or lodge.

Accommodation can be difficult to choose in an area known as being so near to the surf. Fortunately, you will find plenty of Beachfront and accommodation properties that include comfortable guestrooms and spacious suites. Your choice of room will depend on whether you want a private location or one that is close to other visitors.

The Rosewood Guest House – Booking a room at the Rosewood Guest House is near some of the most popular beaches in Tahua. This is a small but cozy resort that has a focus on meeting guests in a relaxed and homely environment. The hotel includes two guest bedrooms, two en-suite rooms and a cosy courtyard. There are several small bars and restaurants within walking distance, as well as a golf course and swimming pool. There is also a spa on site for those relaxing evenings.

The Winnetu Resort – This luxury resort has rooms available ranging from a small studio to large executive suites. The interior design is smart and modern. You can enjoy the tranquility of your room by enjoying the soft sounds of the ocean and listening to the gentle waves lapping the shore. The friendly staff will make you feel at home within the Winnetu Resort. Your Tahu trip is sure to be a great one with the quality of accommodation options available here.

The Rainbow Beach Resort – This is a beachfront hotel in the heart of Tauranga. The resort is run by a couple who are passionate about creating an environmentally friendly and environmentally sensitive resort. They aim to create a hotel that helps to promote a healthy lifestyle, while still providing accommodation for guests who want the privacy and sophistication of a room with a view. You can also enjoy the beachfront and pool areas. You’ll find that this is the perfect place for couples looking for simple accommodation and those who are looking for a little more luxury and pampering.

The Paradise Lodge – This hotel is run by a pair of ex-pat British expats who have chosen to provide their guest with a traditional Polynesian style room. The rooms are comfortable, clean and feature private balconies, direct sun access and meals included in the price. There are many different accommodation options available to you, including guest houses and resorts. Some of the resort hotel accommodations feature more modern facilities, while others are located in traditional buildings that date back centuries.

The Tamarindo Bay Hotel – This hotel is one of the most popular beachfront accommodations in Tauranga. The hotel features two guest bedrooms and spacious lounge and dining areas. The hotel offers an on-site restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. The hotel accommodations also include a fitness centre and an outdoor swimming pool. Some of the resort hotel accommodations in Tauranga feature ground-water swimming pools and sun decks.

Most of the accommodation options for Tauranga are available close to the airport as well as within walking distance of shopping, eating out and other entertainment venues. Some of the beachfront accommodation options include guest houses, resorts, hotels, motels and backpackers’ hostels. The choice of accommodation is determined by budget and preference, although some of the beachfront and resort hotel accommodations are centrally located and can make travelling easier.

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