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Beautiful landscapes it the Ocean Beach, New Zealand. Inspiring natural and travel background

Coopers Beach is located on the south coast of Australia and is one of the most popular surfing destinations in Australia. This is where the legendary, world famous, Coopers Surf Life saving the world title was won by British sensation, Dean Smith. The accommodation facilities in Coopers Beach are excellent with many different types of accommodation available to those who want to experience a true surfing experience. There is self catering accommodation for individuals, couples, families, the elderly and groups of friends. There are a number of different places to stay, which offer all the facilities you would need to enjoy your stay.

The Coopers Beach Motels is situated on the beach front and is close to all the attractions of the region including the Hunter River Foreshore, the Great Ocean Road, the Casino River Foreshore, the Broadwater Highway, and the Bellingen National Park. The Motels are close to all the major shops, cafes, restaurants, and there is free private parking provided at the main entrance to the Coopers Beach Motels. There are also free internet access available in the rooms. There are fantastic views of the ocean and the nearby attractions and if you want a true coastal escape then this is the place to stay.

One of the attractions in the region that makes Coopers Beach a prime location for staying for a holiday is the fact that there are no car barriers in use due to the strict regulations set down by the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. This means that visitors can drive through the gate free to walk the short distance to the secluded beaches, reefs and manganese sand bars. There are no cars to be used on the beaches and the two km of beaches are completely undeveloped. The Coopers Beach Motels offers excellent accommodations and has spacious rooms that are carpeted and have cable TV and telephone lines available.

Most of the Motels on the Surfers Paradise holiday park are situated in the middle of the region and provide extremely affordable accommodation for groups or families. Two of the larger hotels are The Cooperstown Motel and The Surfers Paradise Holiday Park Hotel. The hotels are situated on the north shore of the beach with The Cooperstown Motel, being located just across the road from the tourist attractions and just opposite the popular Coopers Beach Motels. Both of the motels offer wonderful discount rates and packages for groups. You can book cheap accommodation for your holiday at either of these popular resorts.

If you prefer a more peaceful environment then you should consider the secluded nature trails which are located near the coast. These nature trails offer splendid views of the surrounding scenery and the possibility for some great photography. The trail goes past the wooden boardwalk, called the Queen Street Pale Road, which has a white concrete bench at its end. This trail also goes past the National Trust properties, which are mainly a preserved English village and Victorian historical buildings. Other than the two kilometers long nature trail, the coopers beach part of the park covers about an area of about two square kilometers and the facilities provided by the hotels here include free wi-fi internet access and a complimentary pet insurance.

If you prefer to have a more upmarket style of accommodation then you should try the Royal Gorge Hotel which is located on the banks of the river that flows through the centre of the state highway 10. This hotel is one of the most expensive motels in AWANui and provides luxurious accommodation as well as state-of-the-art amenities. The rooms have satellite television sets, air conditioning units and all of the other modern conveniences that you would find in the high street. The river view is something that no tourist ever miss.

The third type of accommodation that you can find at AWANui is the private rental property. If you are lucky enough to come across a private rental property in the vicinity of the coast then you will definitely benefit from it as it will give you all of the benefits of both a motel and a holiday inn. This type of accommodation usually comes with its own kitchen and the owners often use it as a restaurant during the peak season. The main advantage of private rental accommodation is that you have all of the freedom and privacy that you would normally expect from a motel but it is a bit pricier than the other options that you have. As such, the rates tend to be slightly higher than the other accommodations that are available.

The last major type of accommodation is the one that you would not expect to find on this list, which is the free private parking spaces that are provided by AWANui. These free parking spaces are located on the outskirts of the accommodation and they are usually very close to the different attractions. One of the main attractions in Commission St is the AWANui Pier, which has plenty of cafes and restaurants around it. You should therefore consider showing less interest in the restaurants and cafes and focus more on the marine life that is around the area.

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