Established in 2021, ScienceLogic has been a US-based information and technology services company that offer advanced, real-time information and execution solutions to solve and resolve enterprise service performance issues faster at a proactive, digital pace. Their mission is to increase the value of IT investments through intelligent strategy and relentless process improvement. They combine fundamental computer science and engineering expertise, intuitive knowledge, and mission-oriented business theories.

With more than 24 years of industry experience, they have developed and refined a robust set of process and design approaches to ensure an easy interface for scientists and engineers to determine requirements and create an IT solution more easily and cost-effectively. The aim of this company is to deliver best-in-class technology and services to organizations of all sizes. Some of the core areas in which sciencelogic excels are:

With the help of sciencelogic SL, you get direct access to information that enables you to make informed decisions. SL is an open-source platform that gives you the ability to monitor, measure and control your information technologies. With the right amount of time and attention dedicated to its monitoring and management, you can easily fine tune various systems, such as SL, to ensure that all aspects of the solutions fit together and work as expected. In addition, it enables you to select the most appropriate SLs that give you the kind of information you need to monitor things, especially those that are mission-critical.

Through ScienceLogic, you can easily gain insight into key performance indicators (KPIs) and you can measure critical path components. It also contains automated discovery and tracking of system health. For mission-critical applications, such as customer-facing systems for scientific and industrial laboratories, SL helps manage these systems using intelligent prioritization and deployment of resources. For a company that does not have the luxury of time, SL is undoubtedly an ideal solution. SL works on the principle of centralized decision making that makes it easier for organizations to make fast and better decisions, and it does so with considerably less paperwork.

The primary objective of ScienceLogic is to provide an environment where the entire organization can collaborate in real-time. This is done by establishing an information “webbing” that enables all authorized personnel to gain quick access to organizational data, without having to traverse the enterprise. The webbing is comprised of multiple physical locations (a hub and a router), where data can be accessed as needed. Through SL, every member of the team has access to the information he needs, at any time. This facilitates faster decision making and better quality monitoring of projects. In essence, SL provides a reviewer role to improve efficiency and quality of the project’s outcome.

SL works as a bridge that connects enterprise applications to various remote locations. With the use of SL, information can be obtained from applications located anywhere, while providing a centralized location for quality control, management, recovery, and reporting. The primary goal of SL is to improve the reliability of current systems and decrease workloads associated with maintenance. Many hybrid cloud environments are being put into place today, which include a combination of on-site and remote IT resources. ScienceLogic has been an active participant in the development of hybrid cloud environments and is providing the technology for network management applications to be used by several different industry segments.

One of the ways in which ScienceLogic is used is through its ability to provide for performance monitoring and management. Through SL, the monitoring of SL is done by utilizing SL’s built-in scheduler, which allows for the creation of a variety of scheduling policies. These policies can be configured per department or per service, allowing for effective SL network management. The usage of SL is used primarily for its ability to provide the benefits of on-site or remote SL, which helps in reducing operational costs and improving employee productivity. In addition, the usage of SL offers several options for off-site monitoring, such as the ability to use public cloud services and application monitoring services.

ScienceLabs has been providing industry-standard IT tools and services for over fifteen years now and continues to evolve as industry requirements change. The company has grown substantially since its founding in 1985, when it was started by a group of software engineers. The company has consistently provided innovative and comprehensive solutions to business needs and continues to meet the demands of customers around the world. The reviewer role at ScienceLogic could provide the additional depth that this company needs in order to realize its goals and objectives.

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