Summer is a unique reason for many people to go out and enjoy, it is known as the most fun season of the year and, without a doubt, the best of all. Being able to enjoy the beach, the sun, and outdoor activities are priceless. The best thing is that with the help of the SQUIDCAM team’s aquatic cameras you will be able to enjoy recording underwater scenes without any problem.

We have a wide catalog of underwater cameras, we are able to obtain the ideal model that meets the needs of each user. If you are looking for a professional diving camera, then you have come to the right place. If you want a good quality, durable camera that you don’t have to worry about anything else, then we can offer it to you.

Why are underwater cameras the best?

There are many waterproof cameras, the catalog is extremely broad and you can find some for very competitive prices. So why spend more than 60 dollars on a waterproof camera? With an inexpensive one, you can find solutions to your desire to explore the sea and capture it in a video.

However, there are many differences between inexpensive and low-cost aquatic cameras. SQUIDCAM equipment offers a wide repertoire of cameras with which you will be able to record in UHD format and obtain accurate captures. On the other hand, they offer superior optical level technology and high quality plus recording.

The features of a waterproof camera are important because they make all the difference. Purchasing a product that is slow and does not withstand shocks and impacts can be a bit disappointing. For this reason, inexpensive waterproof cameras are not the best choice on the market.

What is important to consider when choosing a waterproof camera?

When you want to buy a waterproof camera it is best to be guided by user reviews and, of course, the myriad lists of cameras that manage to value the users of Amazon.

But, there are many variants when purchasing a waterproof camera, for example, what differentiates one waterproof camera from another? And which underwater camera can be better?

In order to choose the best of these cameras, it is important to consider the utilities for which it is required. If you want to take pictures with high-quality white balance, its video stabilization and even the accessories can be included in the purchase.

Taking sharp pictures underwater depends on whether we can afford a camera with artificial light, these are known as RAW cameras and are extremely useful in capturing the colors of your photo prints.

At SQUIDCAM we believe that it is essential that a good camera be able to facilitate the realization of white balances, as well as to be configured without inconveniences.

Are you a beginner? Don’t worry, we think about every aspect of the user and if you are just starting out in the world of underwater cameras, we can offer you easy-to-use options that won’t complicate your life if you are just starting to photograph underwater life.

However, the main factor of the underwater camera is that you always make sure that you can actually take it into the depths. Some cameras have underwater housings that allow them to reach greater depths and if this is your case, then one of these styles may be ideal for you.

Types of underwater cameras

Waterproof cameras can be divided into three types: compact, mirrorless, and DSLR.

Some companies have created dive-specific cameras such as the Sealife Micro, which does not require housing and is a great underwater aid.

  • Compact cameras.

Characterized by their small size, they top the list of the cheapest waterproof cameras on the market. Among the compact cameras, you can find the tough and the GoPro type.

They are the right size and weight for travel and can be used with macro and wide-angle lenses. Unfortunately, these cameras have a very small sensor, and their battery life may be shorter than expected.

  • Mirrorless cameras

Mirrorless are specialized cameras for diving and allow you to take excellent pictures without the need to purchase a DSLR camera.

They have incredible quality, are lightweight for travel and their focus is, to say the least, perfect. However, some options can be more expensive and cannot be used with wet lenses.

  • DSLR cameras

DSLRs are the best performing cameras on the market, with the best image quality and a wide selection of lenses.

Their image quality is very impressive and they also have very good focusing systems. The problem with these cameras is that they can be very heavy and are really expensive compared to other cameras.

Top 3 best underwater cameras for diving or extreme sports

Choosing the best underwater camera can be difficult for many, that is why the SQUIDCAM team has compiled a small selection of the best underwater cameras. Among the options presented you will find cameras ideal for extreme situations, with and without housing.

We have chosen to present the selection of cameras that have not very exuberant prices and that are worth studying their features, with their strengths and weaknesses, and determine the most interesting one.

The cost of a waterproof camera does not have to be a limiting factor, however, as far as possible we have presented cameras that may have a slightly high price, as is the case of the famous Olympus Touch TG-6.

Go Pro HERO 7 Black

It can be said that this camera leads the ranking of the top 3 thanks to all the opinions collected. We know it is not the best optically, however, it manages to offer incredible results in color processing and faithful reproduction of both photos and videos.

  • It stands out for its wide field of view and its stabilization in moving scenes, and one of its strengths is to record videos in 4k at 1080.
  • The Go Pro Hero 7 offers a compromise to the user that encompasses design, performance, interface, and image quality, making it the best value for the money.
  • It is a very easy-to-use and comfortable device, not too heavy and with buttons and screens, improving the interface for each user to help them jump from one mode to another.
  • It can be submerged in water without using any other accessory, thanks to its rubber design that makes it highly resistant and can be used at depths of up to ten meters.

Olympus TG-6

If we could assign the first place to two cameras, we would. However, the Olympus TG-6 is also an important part of this top underwater camera. It is a waterproof and extremely compact underwater camera.

Talking about an all-terrain camera ideal for diving can be complex, that is why the SQUIDCAM team has decided to show more about this spectacular camera for divers with a macro system. It has a microscope mode so that even the smallest creatures can be captured, something that other cameras cannot do.

It can be submerged below 10 meters and up to 45 meters if a PT-059 housing is used. They are resistant to dust and falls of more than 2 meters and to compressions of more than 100kg.

The best thing about this camera and what users like the most is that they can make 4k videos with macro, use the large zoom and focus at minimum distances of 1cm. On the other hand, the drawback that can be found in it is that it does not have a manual mode that allows you to have control of the shooting parameters.

In short, it is a fairly robust but very resistant camera, designed for water activities and adventure sports in general.

SeaLife DC2000

SeaLife is a camera that has incredible functionalities. They can be used to record in full HD format and with a speed of 60 two. This is a great advantage for many divers as it allows them to shoot in slow motion in post-production.

Many people who love the sea and diving are passionate about recording videos and this can be more important than taking pictures, if you are one of these, this camera may be the perfect one for you as it has a better shutter than other models.

This is one of the crucial features when submerged in water, as manita life goes at high speed, and capturing the most interesting behaviors requires a camera ready to start recording.

This camera is waterproof and can reach a depth of 18 meters on its own and with the help of a charge, it can go down to more than 60 meters, as long as the housing is of the same brand.

SeaLife is the only camera on the top that has manual shooting, and it is certainly one of the most striking features because with it you can have full control of the camera’s parameters.

The main drawback of this camera, which may be the reason why many people do not buy it, is that it has a fixed focal length camera, i.e. it does not allow zooming.

How to choose the ideal underwater camera for your adventure

The SQUIDCAM team promises to deliver what you need. If you are looking for a waterproof camera that is rugged and can be used to photograph marine life, then you have come to the right place.

We took it upon ourselves to compile the common characteristics of all waterproof cameras. Although this data can be learned by visiting each product, the experience of using one of these cameras can really determine if its performance is of quality.

Thinking about the integrated sensor models and the resolution offered by an acoustic camera can be a parameter that relates to the image. However, a camera with many megapixels does not ensure a quality image.

Although aquatic cameras have the function of photographing marine life they can also record videos. In this regard, we want you to be guided by the quality it provides and its video quality is good.

The idea is to obtain a recording with a resolution that is attractive to the human eye, as witnessing the audio obtained underwater can be somewhat complex, which will also be an important factor in choosing an underwater camera.

The stability of a waterproof camera is governed by its action time in front of videos or photos. This parameter is important to be considered, ideally, it should offer a clean image, with as few jumps as possible and of course, it should contain a high-performance battery as this can considerably affect the recording.

Many waterproof cameras have SD and micro SD card slots, but very few have the great feature of being able to send photos and videos to other devices, either a cell phone or a computer. So if you are going on vacation and will not have a computer to store your videos, consider choosing a waterproof camera from the SQUIDCAM team that has a memory card slot.

It is important to choose an underwater camera considering all possible options, that is, the idea is to be able to use it underwater and you need quality before diving to explore marine life. With all the considerations already presented, we hope to have helped you choose the best underwater camera, remember it must be:

Lightweight, comfortable, extremely manageable, and if possible it should be priced according to its functionalities.

How should an underwater camera be used?

A camera will always be the best ally of every hiker or action lover, with them you can record unique moments. However, when the exciting moments occur underwater, the ideal is to use an underwater camera that allows you to photograph everything under the depths. To do this, it is important to learn about its operation and the necessary recommendations.

  1. Read instructions

It is important to follow the instructions of the experts, the underwater cameras have instructions or user manuals. After reading the instructions you can draw your own conclusions about the functionality of the camera and, best of all, objectively and without creating false expectations.

  1. Compact or professional size

Choosing a camera by its size is an important factor, as it depends not only on the action it performs but also on the handling you will give it underwater. Professional cameras may offer better quality, however, they may weigh more and cannot be carried with you all the time.

  1. Image quality

Quality really is everything, it is a fundamental feature that cannot be overlooked. If you talk a little more in-depth about cameras, many people show interest and importance in the quality of a photograph or video. So, before purchasing a waterproof camera it is important that you learn its functionality when taking pictures.

  1. Depth withstanding

The deeper the sea, the more beautiful it is; it is for this reason that many divers require a camera that can reach great depths. There are models of underwater cameras that can reach great depths without using a housing, these are more resistant, but they can be heavier, so if the camera indicates a certain depth, avoid exposing it beyond that.

  1. Resistance

Like any other equipment, a camera can have relevant resistance. Although waterproof cameras are capable of withstanding high drops, it does not mean that it is safe to attempt to do so. Considering drop resistance determines how much damage can occur to the camera. On the other hand, all useful information about the camera’s resistance can be found on its packaging.

What should an underwater camera contain?

When you want to have a waterproof camera it is important to consider the fundamental aspects of them, for example, if they can take pictures underwater and if they are of good quality. The WB or white balance, the screen, RAW format, and its accessories are important factors to consider when choosing a waterproof camera.

  • RAW

When you want to take quality photos and then edit them with a Photoshop program, it is important that the camera has the option to convert the photos to RAW mode. In this way, you will be able to obtain raw photographs to modify them, lowering or raising the lights, contrasts, and retouching.

  • Autofocus

All cameras have autofocus that generally works very well on land. However, underwater may be a bit more complex. This is because visibility is much better, light is low, there are suspended particles and, in addition, fish move extremely fast.

Therefore, having a good autofocus system and various modes of touch-up points will improve accuracy.

  • Broader vision

The SQUIDCAM team knows that having an interchangeable lens camera is essential. With one of these cameras, you can interchange lenses to get the focus you are looking for.

In the case of built-in lenses, such as GoPro or Sealife also include fisheye lenses.

  • Video mode

Video mode in cameras is a feature that has been advancing for years, and you can even find budget cameras with extremely decent video quality for the price.

Most of the cameras we present in our top have 1080p HD quality, which is quite stable for their price and size.

Extra tips and recommendations:

  • How to take care of my camera?

Many people have a fondness for their cameras, this is because they spend extremely important moments with them. After a while, the camera is part of our life, whether they are low-end or not.

  • Storage

It is independent of the type of camera you have or use, this can be compact, reflex or even mirrorless. You should keep it stored in a cool environment, a place free of humidity as this could cause fungus to appear on the lenses and other areas of the equipment.

  • Traveling in the company of the underwater camera

Many times because we are stingy we want to save money and not buy a cheap protective backpack, but we do this without thinking that we can damage our camera. Having a backpack that can protect our camera is important, as you will finally be able to protect the camera and keep it inside the bag if you keep moving.

  • Protection

In the SQUIDCAM team, we always recommend protecting your waterproof camera, you should try to use its housing when required (in case you have it) otherwise you may ruin it and lose your investment.

  • Think carefully before paying

Don’t be enchanted by the first waterproof camera you find, we advise you to think carefully about what you need the camera for, photos or videos. These questions will help you find the perfect solution that you will love.


Personally, there are many uses that can be given to a waterproof camera, that’s why we feel committed to helping you by offering the most accurate and truthful information on the market.

Our team hopes we have been able to help you with all the specifications presented. We want you to have a quality camera that makes it easy for you to explore aquatic life and that you can afford without any problems.

We hope our top 3 best waterproof cameras are what you expected. However, we hope you have found the best one, the one that can satisfy your needs and meet your budget.

Our team is here to show you the most important factors to consider if you want to buy a waterproof camera. In our selection of cameras, we wanted to show you the best quality and specialized brands in the manufacture of underwater cameras.