33-km long island of Aruba is situated on the Caribbean Sea, at the south. It combines three other countries to form the Kingdom of Netherlands. Residents here have a Dutch citizen, and there’s a moderate population at the island.

You do not need to fly all the way to Africa to look at ostriches anymore, because Aruba is home to 80 of these fascinating birds! The large flock is taken care of at the Aruba Ostrich Farm, along with the emus. A friendly guide takes visitors through the large ranch, briefing about the birds’ uniqueness and survival skills. Later, they take a stopover at the African Gift Shop and even get a mouth-watering sample of ostrich meat at the premier Savanna Lounge. Kids get a separate and unique menu, with a complimentary ice cream on their visit. The farm is open every day till late afternoon throughout the year.

Everyone is running around the beaches of the island, but only a handful get to explore the breathtaking coral formations and shipwreck remains of the Aruban underwater realms. There are two main diving sites from where one can avail cheap tickets to Aruba’s spectacular diving experience- the Red Sail Sports and Aqua Windie’s Dive Center. One can indulge in scuba diving and snorkeling, while checking the striking marine life of marine eels, manta rays and stingrays.

If not underwater, then there’s kite surfing and windsurfing! The companies organizing the water sports also have the famous Hi-Winds Amateur World Challenge- a tournament for kite surfing and windsurfing. Flight tickets in this peak season are a fight to arrange; the airlines are jam-packed!

The newest feature of the island is its Segway Tour. One can explore the island on a thrilling crossover machine. This off-the-road Segway system takes you to the Caribbean’s spectacular sites surrounding Aruba, then to various pastures and shopping complexes. Inexpensive flight tickets are an excuse to take this luxurious glide along the beautiful island, so book now!

True bike-enthusiasts enjoy the thrilling mountain bike tours organized in the island. These tours are truly an incentive to visit! Different skill levels are given as an option to the tourists, giving them a joyous ride along the donkey trails to Aruba’s country side or the historic Alto Vista Chapel. The trip has a few complimentary additions such as refreshments and free transportation to-and-fro from the starting point for the tourists. At the end of the trail, one can relax and enjoy the waves collide against the rocks or sun bathe at the magnificent beaches.

For those who are more into adventure, the jeep safari tours are for you! The open land Rover Defender is arranged for groups of 6, with tour guide giving you the most that you can make of your money, exploring the three ABC islands on a whole day extravagant ride. From beaches to mountains and the country side, you’ll see it all. As a luring style of the island, they add complimentary lunch and drinks to this package too.

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