Winter lures everyone around the World and avid travelers look forward to exploring places which ooze the magic of the season! With the on-coming Winter, here’s our guide to some of the best places around the world which shine their best in the cold.

1. New York, United States of America:

New York during Winters is a dreamland when it is covered in snow. Known to have heavy snowfalls, New York is still a rare sight to see! The Christmas decorations at the Rockefeller Centre, the fun-filled Santa Land, majestic decor of the Radio City Music Hall, the exquisitely lit up Time Warner Centre to the embellished Wall Street- New York during the season is all you can imagine and more!

2. Amsterdam, The Netherlands:

Ice-skating at Museumplein, street performers who entertain well into the night, gorging on delectable olliebollen and scrumptious Poffertjes, enjoying the Light festival which warms up everyone’s hearts and an avid arts and culture pulse, Amsterdam will redefine your idea of a winder-wonderland for sure!

3. Edinburgh, Scotland:

The Hogmanay Festival at Edinburg is as grand as New Years eve can get. The grand lights with locals buzzing around the city against the backdrop of the Edinburg Castle, paints one of the best Winter Wonderland pictures in the world.

4. Prague, Czech:

Prague winters are perhaps the most sophisticated! Live concerts in historic buildings and ancient Churches,busy and vibrant markets and some of the best seasonal performances and acts, Prague is a must if you are looking for a place with loads of personality, grandeur and history. Take a walk along the Old square as you nibble on festive foods and wine and soak in the Christmas lights. The whole city literally oozes happiness!

5. Venice, Italy:

A ride in a traditional Water Taxi in the romantic water canals surrounded by classic historic buildings are synonym with Venice. But the city has its own secret! Winters transform Venice into a scene straight form a children’s storybook! The Gothic Italian architecture covered in snow (as if for effect) and offering some of the best shopping, ice-skating and food experience in the world, Venice owns its spark like no other city!

6. SantaClaus, Indiana:

Very few letters can be posted to Santa Claus. Well here’s the exception! Visit the non-fictional town of ‘Santa Clause’ in Indiana and you have only just begun to truly celebrate winter!

The holiday home of America has its own Santa Claus Museum and Village, Christmas store and even an exclusive lodge where you can dine with Mr. Santa himself! Santa Claus has some of the best winter activities around the world and no matter what your age, this one is truly a must!

7. Paris, France:

The city of Paris shines all through the year but Winters adds more grace, grandeur and glamour to the place. The winters here are known for their humble drizzles and misty air but if you stop by to have hot wine, the chill is only worth it! However, sitting at their warm cafes is only half the fun. See the Champs Elysées and Eiffel Tower sparkle and glow with the festive decors. When in Paris, do what the Parisians do!

8. Zurich Switzerland:

Who can resist the winter goodness of the Alps and with Zurich the temptation only gets stronger! Walking down cobbled pathways covered in snow, ice-skating through the Alps, trying some of the best Fondue in the world or simply nibbling on Lindt Chocolates, Zurich winters are a treat for anyone who love snow, great food and an affectionate display of lights!

9. Goa, India:

India’s own hippie and gypsy state, Goa in winters is loved for its cool climate, celebration of music (Sunburn and Jazz Festival), signature Goan food and a multi-cultural ambience. Goa is as much a world state as it is a part of India and winters is a must for anyone who simply wants to explore all things wild and funky in the country.

10. London England:

London outshines itself during the Winter season. From the London Eye, to the Big Ben, to the Windsor Castle, to the Hyde Park and the Oxford street, if Christmas ever had an address it would be here! Ice skate through its iconic rinks, walk along the Thames along snow covered bridges or simple explore the markets, London has something for everyone!

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